IBEW Local 401


 Job Calls are subject to change up until 5pm


 *** All job calls on this referral page are posted as a courtesy to our Brothers & Sisters, any errors or omissions are unintentional.  We encourage you to call the job hotline after 5pm (775)329-2566 (press 1).***

Job Calls

1 - JW for IME


(Card must be carried when on job site)

2 forms of I.D.
(Drivers License, S.S. Card, Passport, Etc....)

Reno City License
(Must Have)

Drug and Alcohol Test

Dispatch for these jobs is:

Monday, April 21, 2014 @ 8:30am

Report to shop after dispatch!

Last Calls (4-18-14) went to #07 on Book I

 Next short call will start at:
#40 on Book I (Jesse Gschwind)
#13 on Book II (Pat Rogers)

Book I -  99
Book II - 22

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Referral and Registration Rules

These rules go into effect on October 14, 2013