Ralph Pisani’s journey to cancer recovery

August 11, 2022 | Digital Admin

My name is Tom Allison, and I am raising support for my best buddy of 50 years, Ralph Pisani.

About a month ago I got a call from Ralph and I was unexpectedly hit with the news that he has stage 4 cancer of the throat and that surgery was needed immediately. Ralph has always led a healthy life, so this diagnosis came as a big surprise to us all.

To share a little about our journey so far…his wife Lisa, both sisters Lori and Lynn and I immediately reached out to Huntsman cancer center in Utah, which is one of the top specialized hospitals for throat cancer. Since Ralph was unable to fly due to the size of the tumor and pressure in his neck Ralph, Lisa and I then hopped in the car and made the road trip to Utah to seek a final assessment from a specialist and our optimistic plan for surgery to remove the tumor. Then to receive more unbearable news, the size of the tumor and its location are too detrimental to have removed surgically at that time. So our only alternative is the beginning of a combination of radiation and chemotherapy.

Now back in Carson City, Nevada, a surgery was performed and a trach was placed in his neck for breathing and they also surgically placed a feeding tube as Ralph’s entire throat and surrounding areas will be severely affected by the radiation treatment for several months to come. We are now at the stage where he will be going in for treatments starting next week and we need to plan for full-time skilled nursing assistance. This process is a daunting one that is costly and wears down loved ones both emotionally and financially.

Ralph is in positive spirits starting this journey but really needs your love and support now more than ever as he enters into this next and most severe process to kill this tumor. This also involves removing cancerous cells from his body in hopes to heal completely physically and spiritually.

Those of you that have had the pleasure to know Ralph and his family over the years weather from grade school, his commitment to his electrical trade, or his generous and continued support for others, truly understand why we are reaching out for support from friends and family. Please say your prayers and keep our Ralph in your thoughts. Anything to support helps and please share his story so we can continue to support Ralph and his family during this unexpected life chapter.

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