IBEW Local 401 membership is more than just a way to take your career to the next level. It is a way to protect and advocate for the security, safety, and quality of you and your fellow workers expertise in the field. A group of electrical workers speaks louder together.

Union FAQs

  1. Healthcare and Benefits

    • Employer paid medical insurance for your whole family
    • Three pension plans for retirement
    • Benefits that follow you from contractor to contractor, with no gaps in coverage.
  2. Continuing Education and Training

    • Training is an important part of our industry and we continue to promote ongoing training and education. To support this commitment to training, our new location is right next door to our training center, providing easy access to further your education.
    • All training is complimentary and paid for by contributions made as part of our benefit package. The opportunity to learn the latest techniques and processes in our industry are available here, and we know they will help take your expertise even further.
  3. Working Conditions and Opportunities

    • IBEW Local 401 takes working conditions and opportunities seriously, and we know how important it is to ensure this information is up to date and made available to our members.
    • With many local contractors using IBEW Local 401 members, you have the power of choice and opportunity to work for different contractors on different job sites until you find the perfect fit. No matter your location, we know you will have the working conditions that you deserve with a safe working environment. There is no doubt this is hard work, but being a member of IBEW Local 401 supports your livelihood and makes each job worth it.
  4. Benefits

    • Through IBEW Local 401, we want to make sure that you are protected and supported during your career and after. Some of the benefits we offer:
    • All insurance is employer-paid with no premiums for you and your family.
    • You have three employer paid pension plans to help you retire with peace of mind.
    • Health & Welfare Trust
    • OEFCU banking availability, with expertise in union workers finances.
  5. Work Availability

    • There are many ways to spend your career. Some work with one contractor for the duration of their career, some want to work during certain seasons and take time off, and some will work with different contractors and find variety and growth. Regardless of what works best for you, at IBEW Local 401 you have the power of choice.
    • Through our Job Calls and Booking system on our website, we are always showing you active job listings with qualifications and requirements. This helps you scan for the jobs that work for you, and makes sure that you’re always in the know on new opportunities and availability.
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    Looking to start a career with support and guidance? You may be interested in our apprenticeship program. With no student loans to repay and the ability to learn as you work, there is no better way to get started in the field. Visit our training center to learn more about how we are training the electricians of tomorrow.